We hand-catalogued 12,563 movements of Handel, JS Bach, Haydn, CPE Bach, Buxtehude, Jacquet de La Guerre, Campra, Montéclair, Clérambault and other vocal music – using scholarly sources – so you can browse by instrumentation and text.

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  • Ambruis airs de cour
  • Ariosti cantatas
  • Bernier cantatas
  • Bononcini cantatas
  • Bruhns cantatas
  • Cavalli vocal works
  • Charpentier vocal works
  • Clérambault motets
  • Cozzolani vocal works
  • Graupner cantatas
  • Heinichen vocal works
  • Jommelli cantatas
  • Lambert airs de cour
  • Leo vocal works
  • Monteverdi vocal works
  • Mozart vocal works
  • Purcell vocal works
  • Rameau motets
  • Rameau (other)
  • Rameau opéras-ballets
  • Rossini operas
  • Scarlatti vocal works
  • Schütz kleine Konzerte
  • Stölzel vocal works
  • Strozzi vocal works
  • Telemann vocal works
  • Vaughan Williams vocalises
  • Vivaldi cantatas
  • Zachow vocal works
  • Zelenka vocal works

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