2. O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht

From O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht, BWV 118, Version 2

Johann Sebastian Bach
B flat major
108 measures


  • Lituo I
  • Lituo II
  • Violino I
  • Violino II
  • Viola
  • Soprano + Oboe I ad lib.
  • Alto + Oboe II ad lib.
  • Tenore + Oboe da caccia ad lib.
  • Basso + Fagotto ad lib.
  • Continuo

About the text

  • Author: Martin Behm
  • 1610 Hymn


« One source claims that the Lituo is a Basso Cornett. Other says that it is in fact simply a natural Corno or hunting Corno (German WaldCorno). If Bach used the term Lituo rather than Corno da caccia, it is because this motet was written for a funeral procession (whence the fact that there is Continuo): indeed it was traditional in ancient Rome to use three instruments of the brass family for funerals – that is to say, cornus, tuba and lituus. Thus, the symbolical reference to Roman antiquity in Bach’s choice of Cornett, Trombone and lituus for this piece is obvious. » from http://www.bach-cantatas.com/Guide/BWV118-Guide.htm
Oboes are written in italic (Neue Bach-Ausgabe)
Fagotto instead of Bassono (Neue Bach-Ausgabe)


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