2. O du von Gott erhöhte Kreatur

From Christum wir sollen loben schon, BWV 121

Johann Sebastian Bach
b minor
Da capo
81 measures

German text

English translation

O du von Gott erhöhte Kreatur,
Oh you creature elevated by God,
Begreife nicht, nein, nein, bewundre nur:
Do not [try to] comprehend; no, no, just marvel:
Gott will durch Fleisch des Fleisches Heil erwerben.
God will purchase the salvation of [sinners’] flesh by [sacrificing Christ’s] flesh—
Wie gross ist doch der Schöpfer aller Dinge,
How great indeed is [God] the creator of all things,
Und wie bist du verachtet und geringe,
And how despised and lowly are you!—
Um dich dadurch zu retten vom Verderben.
So as thereby to rescue you from [eternal] ruin.

About the text

  • Author: Anonymous
  • “The German translation by Martin Luther (1524) of the old church hymn A solis ortus cardine forms the textual foundation of this chorale cantata” (Dürr 2005, 112)
  • Text references: second verse of Martin Luther’s 1524 A solis ortus cardine (verbatim)
  • Scripture readings for the day: Titus 3:4–3:7; Luke 2:15–2:20


  • Oboe d’amore solo
  • Tenore
  • Continuo: Organo


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