• Johann Sebastian Bach

4. Gelobet sei der Herr, mein Gott, der ewig lebet

  • Oboe d’amore · A3 – A5
  • Alto · C#4 – E5
  • Continuo: Organo

German Text

Gelobet sei der Herr,
Mein Gott, der ewig lebet,
Den alles lobet, was
In allen Lüften schwebet;
Gelobet sei der Herr,
Des Name heilig heißt,
Gott Vater, Gott der Sohn
Und Gott der Heilge Geist.

English Translation

Praised be the Lord,
my God, who lives forever,
whom all things praise, that
soar in the air;
praised be the Lord,
whose name is called holy,
God the Father, God the Son,
and God the Holy Spirit.


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