3. Meßias läßt sich merken

From Ärgre dich, o Seele, nicht, BWV 186a

Johann Sebastian Bach
d minor

German text

English translation

Messias lässt sich merken
Messiah lets himself be seen
Aus seinen Gnadenwerken,
in his works of grace,
Unreine werden rein.
Impurities become pure.
Die geistlich Lahmen gehen,
The spiritually lame walk,
Die geistlich Blinden sehen
the spiritually blind see
Den hellen Gnadenschein.
the brilliant light of grace.

About the text


  • Oboe + Violino I + Violino II
  • Tenore
  • Continuo


“ This cantata, composed at Weimar in 1716, survives only in its expanded Leipzig adaptation for the Seventh Sunday after Trinity (for further details, see under Cantata 186).Only a rough reconstruction of the original version is possible3 by taking into account the relevant movements and restoring the following Advent text by Salomo Franck ” (Dürr 2005, 85).
Neue Bach-Ausgabe I/1, Krit. Bericht


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