4. Die Armen will der Herr umarmen

From Ärgre dich, o Seele, nicht, BWV 186a

Johann Sebastian Bach
g minor

German text

English translation

Die Armen will der Herr umarmen
The Lord will embrace the poor
Mit Gnaden hier und dort!
with mercy here and there;
Er schenket ihnen aus Erbarmen
he sends them, out of compassion,
Den höchsten Schatz, des Lebens Wort!
the highest treasure, the Word of Life.

About the text


  • Violino I + Violino II
  • Soprano
  • Continuo


“ This cantata, composed at Weimar in 1716, survives only in its expanded Leipzig adaptation for the Seventh Sunday after Trinity (for further details, see under Cantata 186).Only a rough reconstruction of the original version is possible3 by taking into account the relevant movements and restoring the following Advent text by Salomo Franck ” (Dürr 2005, 85).
Neue Bach-Ausgabe I/1, Krit. Bericht


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