5. Laß, Seele, kein Leiden

From Ärgre dich, o Seele, nicht, BWV 186a

Johann Sebastian Bach
c minor

German text

English translation

Laß, Seele, kein Leiden
Soul, let no sorrow
Von Jesu dich scheiden,
separate you from Jesus,
Sei, Seele, getreu!
soul, be faithful!
Dir bleibet die Krone
The crown remains
Aus Gnaden zu Lohne,
your reward through faith,
Wenn du von Banden des Leibes nun frei.
when you are freed from the bonds of the body.

About the text


  • Oboe I + Violino I
  • Oboe II + Violino II
  • Taille + Viola
  • Soprano
  • Alto
  • Continuo


“ This cantata, composed at Weimar in 1716, survives only in its expanded Leipzig adaptation for the Seventh Sunday after Trinity (for further details, see under Cantata 186).Only a rough reconstruction of the original version is possible3 by taking into account the relevant movements and restoring the following Advent text by Salomo Franck ” (Alfred Dürr)
Taille: see note (Neue Bach-Ausgabe)
Neue Bach-Ausgabe I/1, Krit. Bericht


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