11. Lebe, Sonne dieser Erden

  • Corno da caccia I
  • Corno da caccia II
  • Oboe I + Violino I
  • Oboe II + Violino II
  • Taille + Viola
  • Fagotto + Violoncello
  • Diana (Soprano I)
  • Pales (Soprano II)
  • Endymion (Tenore)
  • Pan (Basso)
  • Continuo: Violone grosso

German Text

Lebe, Sonne dieser Erden,

Weil Diana bei der Nacht
An der Burg des Himmels wacht,
Weil die Wälder grünen werden,
Lebe, Sonne dieser Erden.

English Translation

Live, sun of this earth,

since Diana at night
watches from the fortress of heaven,
since the forests grow green;
live, sun of this earth.


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