• Johann Sebastian Bach

2. Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet

  • Violino · A3 – B5
  • Viola · G#3 – B4
  • Soprano · A4 – A5
  • Basso · A2 – E4
  • Continuo

German Text

Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet
An unsern Kammerherrn.
Ha gibt uns Bier, das steigt ins Heet,
Das ist der klare Kern.
Der Pfarr’ mag immer büse tun;
Ihr Speelleut, halt euch flink!
Der Kittel wackelt Mieken schun,
Das klene luse Ding.

English Translation

With our new Overseer
It’s a whole new routine;
He gives us beer that goes to your head,
That’s the kernel and essence of it.
The priest can frown as much as he likes;
Musicians, be at the ready!
Mieke already swishes her skirt,
The lively little thing.


Last dated cantata, according to Alfred Dürr


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