7. Wieget euch, ihr satten Schafe

  • Flauto dolce I · G4 – E6
  • Flauto dolce II · G4 – D6
  • Violino I · G3 – E5
  • Violino II · G3 – D5
  • Petrus-Menalcas (Tenore) · D4 – A5
  • Continuo

German Text

Wieget euch, ihr satten Schafe,
In dem Schlafe,
Unterdessen selber ein!

Dort in jenen tiefen Gründen,
Wo schon junge Rasen sein,
Wollen wir euch wiederfinden.

English Translation

Rock yourselves, you contented sheep,
Into sleep
By yourselves!

There in that deep grove
Where tender grass already grows,
Will we find you again.


« Bach reworked the music in his Easter Oratorio. » Wikipedia
« Details of scoring and key, where present (that is, for the sinfonia and the arias), follow the reconstruction in Neue Bach-Ausgabe II/7, p. 99. » Alfred Dürr