3. Gelobet sei Gott, gelobet sein Name

From Freue dich, erlöste Schaar, BWV 30, Part I

Johann Sebastian Bach
G major
196 measures

German text

English translation

Gelobet sei Gott, gelobet sein Name,
Praised be God, praised be His name,
Der treulich gehalten Versprechen und Eid!
who faithfully kept His promise and oath!
Sein treuer Diener ist geboren,
His loyal servant is born,
Der längstens darzu auserkoren,
who was chosen long since for this,
Daß er den Weg dem Herrn bereit’.
to prepare the way of the Lord,

About the text


  • Violino I
  • Violino II
  • Viola
  • Basso
  • Continuo: Organo


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