Johann Sebastian Bach

3. Den Tod niemand zwingen kunnt

  • Soprano solo + Cornetto ad lib. · D#4 – F#5
  • Alto solo + Trombone I ad lib. · A3 – C#5
  • Continuo: Organo

German Text

Den Tod niemand zwingen kunnt
Bei allen Menschenkindern,
Das macht’ alles unsre Sünd,
Kein Unschuld war zu finden.
Davon kam der Tod so bald
Und nahm über uns Gewalt,
Hielt uns in seinem Reich gefangen.

English Translation

No one could defeat death
among all humanity,
this was all because of our sins,
no innocence was to be found.
Therefore death came so soon
and took power over us,
held us captive in his kingdom.