3. Ergieße dich reichlich

From Wo soll ich fliehen hin, BWV 5

Johann Sebastian Bach
E flat major
Da capo
104 measures

German text

English translation

Ergieße dich reichlich, du göttliche Quelle,
Pour yourself richly, you divine fountain,
Ach, walle mit blutigen Strömen auf mich!
Ah, wash over me with bloody streams!
Es fühlet mein Herze die tröstliche Stunde,
The comforting hour fills my heart,
Nun sinken die drückenden Lasten zu Grunde,
now the oppressive burdens sink to the ground,
Es wäschet die sündlichen Flecken von sich.
the sinful stains are washed away.

About the text

  • Author: Anonymous
  • Based on Johann Heermann’s 1630 hymn, the first and last verses of which remain unaltered (Dürr 2005, 578–579)
  • Scripture readings for the day: Ephesians 4:22–4:8; Matthew 9:1–9:8


  • Violino solo / Viola solo / Violino piccolo solo
  • Tenore
  • Continuo: Organo


Performance with Organo c. 1732/35. In the Neue Bach-Ausgabe, there is only a Violino solo part, but Alfred Dürr says this is for Violino (solo) or Viola.


Similar instrumentation

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