3. So geht aus Gottes Herrlichkeit und Thron

From Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland, BWV 62

Johann Sebastian Bach
D major → A major
9 measures

German text

English translation

So geht aus Gottes Herrlichkeit und Thron
Thus from God’s glory and throne
Sein eingeborner Sohn.
goes forth His only-begotten Son.
Der Held aus Juda bricht herein,
The hero out of Judah breaks forth
Den Weg mit Freudigkeit zu laufen
to run His course with joy
Und uns Gefallne zu erkaufen.
and to purchase us fallen ones.
O heller Glanz, o wunderbarer Segensschein!
O brilliant radiance, o wonderful light of blessing!

About the text

  • Author: Unknown
  • “Based exclusively on Martin Luther’s hymn of 1524 and hence on its model, the Latin hymn Veni redemptor gentium” (Dürr 2005, 78).
  • Text references: fourth and fifth verses Martin Luther’s hymn of 1524 (adapted)
  • Scripture readings for the day: Romans 13:11–13:14; Matthew 21:1–21:9


  • Basso
  • Continuo: Violone + Organo


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