Johann Sebastian Bach

3. Nun danket alle Gott

  • Corno I
  • Corno II
  • Timpani
  • Soprano + Flauto traverso I + Flauto traverso II + Oboe I + Oboe II + Violino I
  • Alto + Violino II
  • Tenore + Viola
  • Basso
  • Continuo: Organo

German Text

Nun danket alle Gott
Mit Herzen, Mund und Händen,
Der große Dinge tut
An uns und allen Enden,
Der uns von Mutterleib
Und Kindesbeinen an
Unzählig viel zugut
Und noch itzund getan.
(“Nun danket alle Gott,” verse 1)

English Translation

Now let everyone thank God
with hearts, mouths, and hands,
Who does great things
for us and to all ends,
Who has done for us from our mother’s wombs
and childhood on
many uncountable good things
and does so still today.


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