7. Hat er es denn beschlossen

From In allen meinen Taten, BWV 97, Versus 7

Johann Sebastian Bach
E flat major
101 measures

German text

English translation

Hat er es denn beschlossen,
If he has determined it so,
So will ich unverdrossen
Then I will go unwearily
An mein Verhängnis gehn!
About my [God-given] lot.
Kein Unfall unter allen
Not one mishap among them all
Soll mir zu harte fallen,
Shall come down too harshly on me;
Ich will ihn überstehn.
I will endure it.

About the text

  • Author: Unknown
  • Based on the 1642 hymn by Paul Fleming


  • Soprano
  • Basso
  • Continuo: Bassono + Violoncello


Organo: see Appendix (Neue Bach-Ausgabe I/34, p. 336)


Similar instrumentation

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