19g. Ward dem Manne minder Gattin

From Dank-Hymne der Freundschaft, H 824e, Part II, Verse 7

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
D major

German text

English translation

Ward dem Manne minder
Did the man lose
Gattin, Ehr und Gut,
companion, glory and possessions,
und geliebte Kinder
beloved children
und gesundes Blut,
and lively blood,
Freunde, treu und bieder
friends, faithful and honest
und dem Herzen wert?
and worthy to his heart?
Auch durch Glück der Brüder
Also by the fortune of his brethren,
ward sein Glück vermehrt.
his own fortune is increased.


  • Corno I in D
  • Corno II in D
  • Oboe I
  • Oboe II
  • Soprano
  • Tenore
  • Continuo: Fagotto + Violone


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