(8). Cara sposa

From Radamisto, HWV 12a

George Frideric Handel

About the text

  • Author: Nicola Francesco Haym
  • Adapted by Nicola Francesco Haym from L’amor tirannico by Domenico Lalli. The story is derived from Tacitus’ Annals, book xii. Lalli’s text was based on the earlier French play L’amour tyrannique by Georges de Scudéry.


  • Radamisto (Soprano)
  • Keyboard


This arrangement of the aria has both an ornamented vocal line and a realization of the continuo, assumed to be Handel’s work. The music is set out on two staves, with the vocal line forming the top line, perhaps indicating that the keyboardist doubled the notes of the vocalist.


  • Full score: Hallische Händel-Ausgabe II/9.1, p. 227 (Appendix)


Emma Clarkson

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