17. The mighty pow’r

From Athalia, HWV 52, Part II, Scene I

George Frideric Handel
D major
4/4 → 4/2
162 measures

English text

Priests; Levites; Israelites

The mighty pow’r in whom we trust,
Is ever to his promise just;
He makes this sacred day appear
The pledge of a propitious year.


He bids the circling season shine,
Recalls the olive and the wine,
With blooming plenty loads the plain,
And crowns the fields with golden grain.

Priests, Levites and Israelites

Give glory to His awful name, Let ev’ry voice His praise proclaim!

About the text

  • Author: Samuel Humphreys


  • Oboe I
  • Oboe II
  • Fagotto
  • Tromba I + Corno I
  • Tromba II + Corno II
  • Timpani
  • Violino I
  • Violino II
  • Viola
  • Violoncello ripieno
  • Joad (Alto)
  • Soprano I
  • Soprano II
  • Alto I
  • Alto II
  • Tenore I
  • Tenore II
  • Basso I
  • Basso II
  • Organo
  • Bassi: Violoncello + Contrabbasso + Cembalo


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