Amidst these horrors

From Athalia, HWV 52, Part I, Scene III

George Frideric Handel
c sharp minor → E major
19 measures

English text


Amidst these horrors that my soul dismay’d,
A youth I saw in shining robes array’d,
Such as the priests of Judah wear,
When they for solemn pomp prepare.
His lovely form and winning smile
Suspended all my fears awhile.
But as the young barbarian I caress’d,
He plung’d a dagger deep within my breast.
No efforts could the blow repel,
I shriek’d, I fainted, and I fell.


Great queen, be calm! These fears I deem The birth of a delusive dream. Let harmony breathe soft around, For sadness ceases at the sound.

About the text

  • Author: Samuel Humphreys


  • Athalia (Soprano)
  • Mathan (Tenore)
  • Continuo


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