57b. Yes, I will build the city

From Belshazzar, HWV 61, Act III

George Frideric Handel
E flat major → f sharp minor

English text


Yes, I will rebuild thy city, God of Israel!
I will release thy captives, not for price,
Not for reward, but to perform thy pleasure.
Thus prostrate I confess, Thou art the Lord,
There is none else, there is no God beside Thee.
Thou condescendest to call me thy shepherd,
And I will feed thy flock. To me Thou hast giv’n
The kingdoms of the earth; and shall I suffer
Thy kingdom to lie waste, Thy chosen people
In exile and captivity to wander?
Far be from Cyrus such ingratitude!
Hear, holy people! Hear, elect of God!
The God of Israel (he alone is God)
Hath charg’d me to rebuild his house and city,
And let his exil’d captive people go.
With transport I obey! Be free, ye captives,
And to your native land in peace return.
Thou, O Jerusalem, shalt be rebuilt;
O Temple, thy foundation shall be laid.
No thanks to me; to God return your thanks,
As I do mine! We all are to his goodness
Indebted deep, to Him be all the praise.

About the text

  • Author: Charles Jennens


  • Violino I
  • Violino II
  • Viola
  • Cyrus (Soprano)
  • Continuo


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