9. Humbled with fear

From Occasional Oratorio, HWV 62, Part I

George Frideric Handel
15 measures

English text


Humbl’d with fear, and awful reverence,
Before the footstool of his Majesty,
Throw thyself down with trembling innocence,
Nor dare to cast thy weak, thy dazzled eye
On the dread face of that great Deity,
For fear, lest if he chance to look at thee,
Thou turn to nought, and quite confounded be.

About the text

  • Author: Newburgh Hamilton
  • Spenser, “Hymn of Heavenly Beauty”, stanza 21


  • Violino I
  • Violino II
  • Viola
  • Basso
  • Bassi


“After the poetry of John Milton and Edmund Spenser.
The work was written in the midst of the Jacobite rising of 1745–1746.” Wikipedia


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