21. Israel, attend to what your king shall say

From Solomon, HWV 67, Act II, Scene III

George Frideric Handel
26 measures

English text


Israel, attend to what your king shall say:
Think not I meant the innocent to slay.
The stern decision was to trace with art,
The secret dictates of the human heart.
She who could bear the fierce decree to hear,
Nor send one sigh, nor shed one pious tear,
Must be a stranger to a mother’s name —
Hence from my sight, nor urge a further claim!
But you, whose fears a parent’s love attest,
Receive, and bind him to your beating breast:
To you, in justice, I the babe restore,
And may you lose him from your arms no more.

About the text

  • Author: Moses Mendes?
  • Bible: the First Book of Kings and the Second Book of Chronicle


  • Violino I
  • Violino II
  • Viola
  • Solomon (Mezzosoprano)
  • Bassi


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