From Arabia’s spicy shores

From Solomon, HWV 67, Act III

George Frideric Handel
22 measures

English text

Queen of Sheba

From Arabia’s spicy shores,
Bounded by the boary main,
Sheba’s queen these seats explores,
To be taught thy heav’nly strain.


Thrice welcome queen, with open arms
Our court receives thee, and thy charms.
The temple of the Lord first meets your eyes,
Rich with the well-accepted sacrifice.
Here all our treasures free behold,
Where cedars lie, o’erwrought with gold;
Next, view a mansion fit for kings to own,
The forest call’d of tow’ring Lebanon,
Where art her utmost skill displays,
And ev’ry object claims your praise.

About the text

  • Author: Moses Mendes?
  • Bible: the First Book of Kings and the Second Book of Chronicle


  • Queen of Sheba (Soprano)
  • Solomon (Mezzosoprano)
  • Continuo


Similar instrumentation

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