Prais’d be the Lord

From Solomon, HWV 67, Act II, Scene I

George Frideric Handel
20 measures

English text


Prais’d be the Lord, from Him my wisdom springs;
I bow in-raptur’d to the King of kings.
He led me, abject, to th’imperial state,
When weak, and trembling for my future fate;
Strengthen’d by Him, each foe with horror fled,
Then impious Joab at the altar bled;
The death he oft deserv’d stern Schimei found,
And Adonijah sunk beneath the wound;
Forc’d by his crimes, I spoke a brother’s doom.
Ah, may his vices perish in his tomb!

About the text

  • Author: Moses Mendes?
  • Bible: the First Book of Kings and the Second Book of Chronicle


  • Solomon (Mezzosoprano)
  • Continuo


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