42. Streams of pleasure

From Theodora, HWV 68, Part III, Scene VI

George Frideric Handel
G major → e minor
Largo → adagio → a tempo → adagio → a tempo
60 measures

Original English text

Modernized English text



Streams of Pleaſure ever flowing,
Streams of pleasure ever flowing,
Fruits ambroſial ever growing,
Fruits ambrosial ever growing,
Golden Thrones,
Golden thrones,
Starry Crowns,
Starry crowns,
Are the Triumphs of the Bleſt.
Are the triumphs of the Blest.
When from Life’s dull Labours free,
When from life’s dull labours free,
Clad with Immortality,
Clad with immortality,
They enjoy a laſting Reſt.
They enjoy a lasting rest.

Theodora; Didymus

Theodora; Didymus

Thither let our Hearts aſpire.
Thither let our hearts aspire.
Objects pure of pure Deſire,
Objects pure of pure desire,
Still increaſing,
Still increasing,
Ever pleaſing,
Ever pleasing,
Wake the Song, and tune the Lyre,
Wake the song, and tune the lyre,
Of the bliſful holy Choir.
Of the blissful holy choir.

About the text

  • Author: Thomas Morell


  • Violino I
  • Violino II
  • Theodora (Soprano)
  • Didymus (Alto)
  • Bassi: Violoncello + Contrabbasso + Fagotto + Cembalo + Organo



May Robertson

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