Deluded mortal!

From Theodora, HWV 68, Part I, Scene V

George Frideric Handel
e minor → D major
18 measures

Original English text

Modernized English text



Deluded Mortal! call it not Rebellion,
Deluded mortal! Call it not rebellion,
That thus we perſevere in Spirit, and Truth,
That thus we persevere in spirit, and truth,
To worſhip God: It is his dread Command,
To worship God: It is his dread command,
His, whom we cannot, dare not, diſobey,
His, whom we cannot, dare not, disobey,
Tho’ Death be our Reward. —
Though death be our reward.



Death is not yet thy doom;
— Death is not yet thy Doom;
But worse than death to such a virtuous mind,
But worſe than Death to ſuch a virtuous Mind,
Which Didymus wants eloquence to praise.
Which Didymus wants Eloquence to praiſe. —
Lady, these guards are ordered to convey you,
Lady, theſe Guards are order’d to convey you,
To the vile place, a prostitute, to whom
To the vile Place, a Proſtitute, to whom
Valens thinks proper to devote your charms.
Valens thinks proper to devote your Charms.

About the text

  • Author: Thomas Morell


  • Theodora (Soprano)
  • Septimius (Tenore)
  • Continuo



May Robertson

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