I know thy virtues

From Theodora, HWV 68, Part I, Scene II

George Frideric Handel
c minor → b minor
15 measures

Original English text

Modernized English text



I know thy Virtues, and ask not thy Faith:
I know thy virtues, and ask not thy faith:
Enjoy it as you will, my Didymus.
Enjoy it as you will, my Didymus.
Tho’ not a Chriſtian, (for I worſhip ſtill
Though not a Christian (for I worship still
The Gods my Fathers worſhip’d) yet, I own,
The gods my fathers worshipped), yet, I own,
Something within declares for Acts of Mercy.
Something within declares for acts of mercy.
But Antioch’s Preſident muſt be obey’d;
But Antioch’s president must be obeyed:
Such is the Roman Diſcipline: While We
Such is the Roman discipline; while we
Can only pity, whom we dare not ſpare.
Can only pity, whom we dare not spare.

About the text

  • Author: Thomas Morell


  • Septimius (Tenore)
  • Continuo



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