Long have I known

From Theodora, HWV 68, Part II, Scene III

George Frideric Handel
D major → c sharp minor
26 measures

Original English text

Modernized English text



Long have I known thy friendly ſocial Soul,
Long have I known thy friendly social soul,
Septimius, oft experienc’d in the Camp,
Septimius, oft experienced in the camp,
And perilous Scenes of War, when Side by Side
And perilous scenes of war, when side by side
We fought, and brav’d the Dangers of the Field,
We fought, and braved the dangers of the field,
Dependent on each other’s Arm; with Freedom then,
Dependent on each other’s arm; with freedom then,
I will diſcloſe my Mind. — I am a Chriſtian.
I will disclose my mind. I am a Christian.
And ſhe, who by Heav’n’s influential Grace,
And she, who by heav’n’s influential grace,
With pure religious Sentiments inſpir’d
With pure religious sentiments inspired
My Soul, with virtuous Love inflam’d my Heart:
My soul, with virtuous love inflamed my heart:
Ev’n ſhe, who, ſhame to all Humanity!
Ev’n she, who, shame to all humanity!
Is now condemn’d to public Luſt.
Is now condemned to public lust.



No more:
— No more:
The shame reflects too much upon thy friend,
The shame reflects too much upon thy friend,
The mean, tho’ duteous, instrument of pow’r;
The mean, though duteous, instrument of pow’r;
Knowing her virtues only, not thy love.
Knowing her virtues only, not thy love.

About the text

  • Author: Thomas Morell


  • Didymus (Alto)
  • Septimius (Tenore)
  • Continuo



May Robertson

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