Unhappy happy crew!

From Theodora, HWV 68, Part I, Scene VI

George Frideric Handel
d minor → f sharp minor
23 measures

Original English text

Modernized English text



Unhappy happy Crew! — why ſtand you thus
Unhappy happy crew! Why stand you thus
Wild with Amazement? — ſay where is my Love,
Wild with amazement? Say where is my love,
My kind Inſtructer in fair Virtue’s Path,
My kind instructor in fair virtue’s path,
My Life, my Theodora? — has the Tyrant
My life, my Theodora? Has the tyrant
Seiz’d on his guiltleſs Prey? —
Seized on his guiltless prey?



Alas! She’s gone.
— Alas! ſhe’s gone.
Too late thou cam’st to save, (if in thy pow’r
Too late thou cam’ſt toſave, (if in thy Pow’r
To save,) the fairest, noblest, best of women.
To ſave,) the fairest, nobleſt, beſt of Women. —
A Roman soldier led her trembling hence
A Roman Soldier led her trembling hence
To the vile place, where Venus keeps her court.
To the vile Place, where Venus keeps her Court.
Yet on his brow reluctance seemed to sit,
Yet on his Brow Reluctance ſeem’d to ſit,
And helpless pity bade us wait our doom.
And helpleſs Pity bade us wait our Doom.

About the text

  • Author: Thomas Morell


  • Irene (Mezzosoprano)
  • Didymus (Alto)
  • Continuo



May Robertson

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