Carco sempre di gloria

From Cecilia, volgi un sguardo, HWV 89, Version C

George Frideric Handel
C major → F major

Italian text

Carco sempre di gloria fu l’altero Tamigi, ed emulò nella virtù, nel merto, i secoli passati; e seppe unir, con generoso core, ad armonica cetra un casto amore.

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  • Alto
  • Continuo: Violoncello + Cembalo


This recitative and the aria that follows are from the latest version of this cantata (Version C), for which Handel replaced the soprano aria “Sei cara, sei bella” with the alto aria “Sei del ciel.”


  • work_instrumentation for these movements is unclear: Version C of HWV89 is a later performance which included this alto aria, but whether the cantata still included soprano is ambiguous from the HHA preface


  • Full score: Hallische Händel-Ausgabe V/3, p. 266 (Appendix)
  • Scores at IMSLP ›


Emma Clarkson

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